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The Sure Fire Way of Reaping the Benefits of Practical Technology Solutions for Your Business Ensuring You Receive Value for Money

The Aegina Technology Consulting Advantage

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Aegina Advantage

Obtaining independent advice, implementing practical technology solutions, finding experienced personnel and achieving an outcome that represents excellent value for money is a challenging balancing act.

If the project at hand is a one-off for your business then the chances of pulling all these factors together becomes even more challenging.   

Consider a technology challenge you might be faced with, such as Implementing A Business Technology Solution That Scales With A Growing Business In 90 Days Or Less

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Implementing a new business system is often a big change to the way your business operates, and there will be a number of business benefits sought by taking this course of action. You will naturally want to avoid some of the typical pitfalls businesses fall into when deciding on a technology solution and will need answers and advice along the lines of: 

  • Selecting a single unified solution that provides visibility of accurate real-time data, i.e. a single source of the truth as data in disparate systems rarely provides an accurate picture;

  • Selecting a future-proofed solution that not only caters for today’s business problem, but allows for being scaled as the business grows;

  • Researching options for systems that offer better integration with other business systems as opposed to staying with just what you know because it doesn’t require any effort to understand it. 

  • Proper recognition of outdated legacy systems is understood and that the implications of persisting with systems that have existed since the early formation of the business could be holding the organisation back. Clear articulation of the business-related impact of legacy systems to management is a must.

  • Defining an intelligent process for assessing the need to customise software and avoiding the over customisation that often happens. Customisations are often a necessity; however, poorly implemented customisations are difficult to upgrade and roll forward. This can lead to version (or system) lock-in, increasing the inertia to be overcome when changing or upgrading a system. Adopting a buy before you build approach is often a better philosophy to run with.     

These are some of the common areas that get overlooked when making business system technology decisions, at Aegina our team are on the watch for these typical traps when selecting new technologies. 

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Aegina Advantage - Services

Every step along the way of implementing a technology solution has its own set of specific factors to be considered and managed to land on the desired outcome.


Aegina Business Solutions has built its reputation on navigating the complicated landscape of Technology and delivering value for money outcomes.


The range of services that Aegina deliver has expanded to include technical consulting, IT recruiting, business solution implementation, project management, technology office moves,  

and test & tagging of technical equipment.
Enterprise Content Management Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience working with complex organizations with strict regulatory guidelines, including law firms and financial institutions, we’re able to assist you with securely digitizing documents and managing workflows. We can help you eliminate warehouses of paperwork and implement systems to make your enterprise information more accessible, saving time and improving productivity, all while reducing overhead costs. Read more about our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) practice here ....


IT Office Moves

Do you have an IT office relocation move coming up that requires a dedicated team to package up your office computers, move to a new location, and then reassemble the office computers so business operation can take place the next day? Read more about our IT office moves service here ….    

Recruit The Right Team

Find the team or team member to run your IT Service Desk, to Project Manage your IT project, conduct Business Analysis, or run your IT testing? Read more about our IT temporary resources recruiting service here ….  

Test & Tag To Ensure Electrical Safety In The Workplace

Test and Tagging of electrical equipment is a practice businesses carry out to ensure that electrical equipment is safe to use in the workplace. It becomes specifically important in environments that are tough on electrical equipment. The practice of test and tagging demonstrates a commitment to ensuring a safe work environment, creates records of tested equipment and identifies equipment entering an unsafe phase of its lifecycle. Read more about our Test and Tagging service here ….  



“Safety is taken seriously at Todae Solar Pty Ltd. We ensure that all our electrical equipment comply with the standards at all times. After contacting Aegina for Test and Tag services, I found that they take pride in their work by offering excellent service, efficiency and would go above and beyond to meet our tight schedule. Aegina has unbeatable prices and thank you for being so professional.”

— Portia Nyatsanza– HSEQ Coordinator, Todae Solar

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