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IT Recruitment

IT Temporary Staffing Mistakes All Project Managers Need To Avoid! and The TRUTH about how To Pull Together A Flexible IT Support Team and avoid Paying Hefty Recruitment Fees.           

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Online Invoicing

How Every Finance Manager Can Enable Secure Online Invoicing and Comply With Government Mandates For Electronic Invoicing As Quickly As 30 Days Or Less.

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Office Moves

Ways Any Office Manager Can Achieve A Large Move Of Office Technology With Minimal Interruption To Staff And Operations Overnight ... even if You Think It Is Too Difficult To Find IT Staff!

About Aegina Business Solutions

The Company


Aegina Business Solutions is a Sydney based IT Business Solutions services provider company in Australia. Aegina’s area of specialisation is Information Technology and offers solutions that cover the needs of a wide range of IT enterprises, irrespective of size and sector. Aegina’s primary focus is on providing sustainable solutions by acquiring the most appropriate professionals or by selecting and applying the most suitable product in the market.


As a company we pay particular attention to our customers’ satisfaction as well as maintaining and strengthening business relationships with them for mutual benefits and future cooperation.


Why Aegina


Aegina’s main objective is the provision of high quality services with measurable value in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. This is achieved, primarily, by selecting people with relevant skills and qualifications; secondly, through the continuous monitoring of our people’s performance within constant communication with our customers and, finally, through the application of technological advances.


The combination of these practices results in higher productivity, continuous improvement of service quality and increased customer experience.



“Safety is taken seriously at Todae Solar Pty Ltd. We ensure that all our electrical equipment comply with the standards at all times. After contacting Aegina for Test and Tag services, I found that they take pride in their work by offering excellent service, efficiency and would go above and beyond to meet our tight schedule. Aegina has unbeatable prices and thank you for being so professional.”

— Portia Nyatsanza– HSEQ Coordinator, Todae Solar