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IT Office Relocation

IT Office Relocation Services in Australia

Ways Any Office Manager Can Achieve A Large Move Of Office Technology With Minimal Interruption To Staff And Operations Overnight ... even if You Think It Is Too Difficult To Find IT Staff!

IT Office Moves

Plenty To Do

There is plenty to think about when organising the move of an entire office floor in a typical tower office block. One major headache is the disconnecting and then setup of 50 to 100 computers in the new environment.

An office move is often required to happen as a seamless transition with the operational staff leaving one evening and arriving to work on the next business day at the new office location with their computers all transitioned and ready to go.


Keep This In Mind

There are a few things to keep in mind when handling an office transition and the technology involved to make it a success. Here are some of the basics that get overlooked:


  • Ensure staff members save all work, log out and shutdown their computers before leaving for the day – this will ensure a speedier process for the technicians to dismantle computers, and reduces the risk that someone arrives next business day to find they have lost unsaved work;

  • Having a proper system of identifying equipment in a meaningful way that allows the equipment to be relocated to a new location with its rightful owner;

  • Depending on the administration of the computers it will be necessary to have the technology team work out how the computer will re-connect to the network in its new location. Testing of a computer in the new location should occur ahead of the planned move to make sure any network connectivity issues are ironed out ahead of time – and at least understand what the process is to reconfigure each computer so it can operate and connect in its new environment. This is a must as it can avert a disaster on the opening day of the new office.

  • Another item to be handled is that the move of technology equipment is an opportune time to do an electrical test and tag function to ensure the equipment is safe and suitable to be operated.   

There are a number of other matters to be dealt with depending on the technology being moved, key to this is that it will require a competent team of business tech support technicians to implement the move who are ready and prepared to work thru out of business hours to get the job done.


Getting The Right Crew Is Easy

By utilising our network of IT Technology personnel we are able to bring together the team of people who are skilled and enthusiastic about dealing with technology, and will work with your main office mover to see it through on the technology front.


Talk to us about our competitive rates for handling your IT office relocation as part of your next office move - call now


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Aeginab Leading IT Office Relocation Service provider in Sydney, Australia can help you to manage your office IT relocation so you can focus on getting back to work.

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