Team Sourcing

Team Sourcing

IT Temporary Staffing Mistakes All Project Managers Need To Avoid! and The TRUTH about how To Pull Together A Flexible IT Support Team and avoid Paying Hefty Recruitment Fees.

Team Sourcing

Things To Avoid

When it comes to hiring the technology solution team for your project its easy to fall into the traps of not clearly defining the skill sets needed, not accurately defining the correct budget for the team resources, and paying too much in recruiting fees for qualified personnel who are readily available in the market and accessible through well connected networks.

Networking Method

Around 80% of job opportunities are filled through word of mouth and people networking amongst themselves. This point is not forgotten here and underpins the approach we use to resource teams for our business solutions practice.


This method works because it links with a natural human trait, people tend to like to help others so word gets around and suitable candidates appear. There are other reasons why the networking method works well in todays environment, the expansion of social media platforms and an increase in the adoption of using these platforms has meant that the chances of connecting with someone of the right skill set has grown.


New Age Hiring

In addition to this the age of the Millennials and the tendency for these personnel to seek out opportunities means that there is an audience always ready to step up to the next challenge.

A Non-Traditional Model

We don’t operate on a traditional model that IT Temp Agencies use, we use our network to source personnel for our projects and over-time have enough connections that allow us to source personnel beyond that of our project needs, therefore our model means we are not hungry for high recruitment fees as we don’t carry the overheads of traditional IT Temp Agencies.


What Have You Got To Lose

Why not give us a go in the first instance, and if we can’t bring in results in the first few days then you can always fall back on the traditional approach of utilising an IT Temp Agency.